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Box Hill Institute has introduced a new program of Diploma of Aviation (Commercial Pilot License Aero plane)

Box Hill Institute and Soar Advanced Flight Training have joined forces to deliver a first class ticket to an exciting career in aviation.

Students complete theory and practical based sessions, covering important operational requirements, flight rules and risk management protocols. Subject areas include: aircraft radio communications, threat and error management, navigation, safety, managing passengers and cargo, ground and in-air conditions and operations, airspace requirements, civil aviation law, situational awareness and licence requirements. Instructional flight training is provided by Soar Advanced Flight Training from Moorabbin airport.

What employment opportunities will I have?

After successfully completing this course, CASA Commercial Pilot Licence requirements, and an appropriate level of experience, you may find employment as a :


> charter pilot

> flight instructor

> agricultural operations pilot

> commercial airline pilot

> search and rescue pilot

> fire spotting and aerial surveyor

> joy flight operator or

> air ambulance pilot


Please visit Edlocate or call on 0771- 770361  for enrollment details.


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